• You should be able to easily feel your cat’s ribs, but not see them sticking out. This indicates that your cat is at a desirable weight, not overweight and not under weight.
  • Some indentation between the rib cage and the hips (that classic hourglass figure) indicates that your cat is at a desirable weight.
  • Take a look at your cats stomach. If the belly protrudes, the cat may be overweight. (A protruding belly on a cat is called refered to as an apron.)
  • Feel your cat’s hips. Anything more than light fleshiness indicates that your cat is above normal weight.
  • Always consult a veterinarian before putting a cat on a diet. Your veterinarian can recommend the right diet for your cat, and can examine your pet to rule out the possibility that a serious medical condition is causing the obesity.

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