Promptness is the key to removing dog stains and odors effectively, especially in the case of dog urine, which not only stains but also leaves behind a potent, long-lasting odor. If you take care of the problem immediately, chances are the urine will leave no trace. Once dried, however, the stain and accompanying odor will become much more difficult to remove, and may require the services of a professional cleaner.

A variety of homemade solutions and commercial products are available to help you to remove or neutralize stains and odors left behind by urine, vomit, diarrhea or feces.

Here’s How To Remove Dog Stains And Odors On A Variety Of Surfaces:

  • Carpets: If the stain is fresh, any good carpet shampoo will work well. First, be sure to remove any solid or semi-solid matter, such as vomit or feces. Clean the spot with the shampoo, and then soak it thoroughly with club soda. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes before blotting it up. If the stain has dried, or if the urine has soaked through to the floor, try using a cleaner with enzymes, which break down the odor-causing compounds. Be sure to follow the product’s instructions carefully to prevent damage to your carpet.
  • Concrete: Fresh stains are easy to remove from sealed concrete. Simply wipe the area with a damp paper towel, and clean it with a homemade solution of ammonia or vinegar, or with a commercial cleaning product. If the concrete is unsealed, and the urine or feces is allowed to stand, the stain will be much more difficult to remove, especially if urine has soaked into the surface. If this is the case, first neutralize the stain and odors using a commercial cleaning product-powder, mineral rock or enzyme-then seal the concrete. If the odor is still present, you may have to call a professional cleaning service.
  • Hardwood: Wipe off fresh stains, and then treat the wood with a proper wood treatment.

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