Part of your weekly health care routine with your dog should be good eye care. Dog’s have no safe way to keep their eyes clean themselves. That’s why it is important that you do it for them. Knowing what to look for is important so that you can distinguish a problem if one arises. Healthy eyes in dogs are moist and clear. If you notice any redness, swelling, or mucousy discharge or if your older dogs eyes look a bit cloudy, there may be a problem. If your dog’s eyes appear cloudy, visit your veterinarian to see if your dog is suffering from cataracts, which are common to older dogs.

Caring for your dog’s eyes requires a little effort on your part. Keeping your dog’s eyes well cared for requires:

* Trimming excesive hair above the eyes. Hair can scratch the cornea and cause eye problems. This requires trimming the hair above the eyes with a rounded scissors (not a pointy one as you are close to your dog’s eyes). Use extreme caution in doing this as your pet may make sudden moves and could get injured.
* Keeping the corners of your dog’s eyes clean and free of discharge. This normal discharge can become a breeding ground for bacteria and in turn cause eye infections. Cleaning this area by first removing any exisiting debris and then using a sterile eye wash cleanser can keep this area clean.
* Use a protective ointment to protect eyes during bathtime.
* Use an eye wash solution to clean the hair around the eyes of dogs that are prone to tear staining, such as Poodles, Cockers and Pekingese.
* Make sure your dog is receiving a good diet and proper supplements such as a multi vitamin.

By taking care of your dog’s eyes on a weekly basis and staying alert for the signs of a problem before it gets too serious, your dogs eyes can stay just as healthy as your dog for years to come.