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46 Toxins to AVOID

TOXINS to Avoid: 10 Foods, 5 Household products, and 26 plants The Top 10 Foods to Avoid Feeding to Your Pet 1.Alcohol 2.Avocado 3.Chocolate (all forms of chocolate) 4.Coffee (all forms of coffee) 5.Fatty foods 6.Yeast 7.Moldy...

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Pet Food Recall

Diamond Pet Foods Recall ————————————— Diamond Pet Foods has expanded its recall- clearly there is a problem with Salmonella and their food. Chicken...

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When pets die at the vet

By Laura Parker, USA TODAY The patient had dental surgery, there were complications, and he died. Now his family members are accusing the doctor of negligence and claiming that the episode caused them emotional distress....

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Vaccine Adverse Events

They make the statement that: ‘Vaccine AEs (Adverse Events) are underreported in veterinary medicine.’ Meaning there are far more side effects than what is ‘published’ as they are NOT reported. Here is...

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Warning – Drug Reaction

They happen, and the FDA has placed a big warning label on one commonly prescribed for cats, called Metacam. The point here is that reactions happen fairly often- and you as a concerned and involved pet owner need to be aware of...

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