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Itchy Dog?…New Topical Treatments

Source: DVM 360 By: Jacqueline Gimmler, DVM, Jenise Daigle, DVM, DACVD VETERINARY MEDICINE Classically, atopic dermatitis is thought to be caused by a genetic defect in the immune system, leading to a hypersensitivity to normal...

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Exposing mistreatment of animals

Dear Dr. Fox • Would you please comment on “Undercover TV,” regarding the filming of mistreated livestock and dogs used for food in China. — S.G., Highland, NY Dear S.G. • Many “undercover” films have...

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Animal lovers needed

Summer presents a challenge for animal rescue groups. Many more kittens, cats, puppies and dogs could be saved if you would consider opening your home to a local animal in need. Rescue groups can tailor the type of cat or dog...

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Patch Pets: Sugar Ray

Sugar Ray, a puppy Labrador retriever and boxer mix, is in a foster home and now being adopted out through Hightower Farm in Snellville. Weighing approximately 40 pounds, Sugar Ray “looks like a shiny black lab with a...

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