Is Dry food better?

Do you feed canned or dry?

Nutritious Dry Food

First DON’T believe everything that you read.

And Second- Question it, even from me.

A good check is your common sense- if it
doesn’t stand up to the common sense test,
then it’s probably NOT true.

For Example..

Here is an entry that comes from Wikipedia:

“Many dry foods can be less expensive, per pound, than
their canned (wet) or semi-moist counterparts, and are
less likely to spoil than an open can. In addition, dry
food is much more nutritious than canned food because of
the canned food’s high water/moisture content (anywhere
from 60%-90%, depending on brand).”

My issue here is with the statement: ”

“Dry food is much more nutritious than canned food because
of the canned food’s high water/moisture content”


Let’s apply the common sense test..

and this once again comes from Wikipedia:

“Pellets of dry dog food, called kibble in the US, are produced by one of two methods, extrusion and baking. During the extrusion process, cut dough or a mixture of raw materials is fed into an expander, while pressurized steam or hot water is added. When removed from the high pressure that results, the pellets puff up like popcorn. The resultant kibble is allowed to dry, then sprayed with vitamins, fats and oils, or any other ingredients that are not heat-tolerant.

If extruded kibble is exposed to air for too long or not
properly stored, the fats and oils added after cooking
can become rancid, and vitamins and minerals in the food
may be destroyed by heat during storage or shipping”

That does NOT sound good.

In other words we make ALL of these artificial changes to
the food- PLUS spray on nutrients AFTER
because they are LOST in processing, ADD some artificial
flavor, color, preservatives and MORE,
and create an environment that allows this stuff to
be stored for MONTHS..and we call it healthy?

Think about food that you KNOW is healthy.

IF it can be stored for an INDEFINITE period of
time, then it is NOT healthy.

Think of the Cheese Slice

or packaged ANYTHING.

It is artificially preserved- it has toxins often in the
containers ( such as BPA) that leach into the food.

My neighbor ( who is extremely healthy) lives by
the food motto that ” it ain’t healthy IF it comes
in a package”

Think about it.

Apples are NOT sold in individual cans.

My point in all this is to have YOU question so
called CONVENTIONAL wisdom around your pet’s health
and food.

Such as those who call dry food “nutritious” or those who
JUSTIFY why we continue to feed cats ( who are obligate
carnivores) Carbohydrate loaded diets.

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