Ever hear the expression “dog breath”? We know it’s not a complement, but is it really as bad as we think? Bad breath in a dog can indicate a much more serious problem. A dog’s breath can be the first indication that the dog is suffering from periodontal disease, which if left untreated can be serious. Periodontal disease starts off simply enough.

If not removed, plaque, which is a combination of food particles and bacteria, build up on the teeth and gums. In 3-5 days this plaque will mix with minerals in the dogs saliva to form tartar. Tartar causes the gums to become red, tender, irritated and swollen. Tartar is what causes bad breath. Only your veterinarian can effectively remove tartar, so it is important to stop it before it starts, by removing any plaque before it has a chance to turn into tartar.

A good dental care plan is important for your dog. A daily brushing with the addition of a canine oral care and breath freshening wash product, feeding your dog crunchy food, allowing your dog to play with specially designed toys to remove plaque and a daily healthy dog treat that is designed as a dental treat and are all good ways to keep your dog from developing tartar and periodontal disease.

A thorough dental exam by your veterinarian is extremely important and is the only way to remove tartar build up or to treat periodontal disease. After your vet examines and treats your dogs mouth, it is important to maintain a good home dental plan to keep your dogs teeth, gums, mouth and overall system as healthy as can be.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure as dental problems in your dog can cost you dearly in veterinarian bills.