I currently have one of those ‘animal related’ problems…

Cat urine

In places you don’t want

Such as my daughter’s play area, in our sleeping bags..


I suspect it’s my Mom’s former cat, Gussie, who sleeps downstairs.

I collected a sample of urine, and it had some evidence of an infection.

I started on the conventional methods:

Antibiotics..Didn’t work

Valium..didn’t work.

Anti-depressants…didn’t work.

But then I recalled some of my own advice:

Successful treatments rely on a combination of behavior modification techniques and medication- the most effective meds are often NATURAL!

They can be described as Aversion Therapy and Attraction Therapy. The former repels the cat from the inappropriate location, and the latter encourages the cat to choose an appropriate location.

The purpose of Aversion Therapy is to make the area of inappropriate urination or defecation undesirable for the cat. There are many ways to do this, but the following steps have proven successful in a high percentage of cases.

A. A product to neutralize the odor of urine or stool should be used in places where inappropriate urination or defecation has occurred. If the objectionable location is on a carpet, it is necessary to treat the carpet and the pad below because most of the odor will be in the pad. This usually means soaking the carpet with the neutralizing product so it penetrates into the pad. Test an inconspicuous piece of carpet for staining before using any odor-neutralizing product.

B. Cover the area(s) with aluminum foil and secure it to the carpet or furniture with masking tape. Aluminum foil is a surface on which most cats do not like to walk.

C. If the soil in potted plants is being used, place a lemon-scented air freshener at the base of the plant. This will usually repel the cat.

The purpose of Attraction Therapy is to make the litter box more desirable than the inappropriate site. The following are usually successful:

A. Purchase a new litter box; even well cleaned litter boxes have odor deep in the plastic. It is important not to use a litter box with a hood. Although we like our privacy, most cats find a hooded litter box undesirable.

B. Purchase non-scented clumping litter. If your cat has not been using this type of litter, it will usually find it more desirable than the clay types. This will increase the chances of your cat using the new litter box.

C. Place the new litter box near the area of inappropriate urination until it is used for several days, and then move it 2-3 feet (0.7-1 m) per day back to the desired location.

D. Keep the existing litter box in the normal location in case the aversion therapy causes your cat to return to it.

What drugs are used?

There are several that have been used. Generally, they fall into three categories:

A. Anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety medication (amitriptyline, buspirone)

B. Tranquilizers, including diazepam and phenobarbital

C. Natural Anti-anxiety medications, including Rescue Remedy, Valerian, Homeopet Anti-anxiety, Feliway pheromone spray

I have had GREAT SUCCESS with Feliway NATURAL pheromone spray.

As You can see, there are many options if your cat is urinating in the wrong place..

Your regular veterinarian may tell you that there is not much you can do..

But as I have said before..You can do many things.

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