(WXYZ) – The Michigan Humane Society’s Pet of the Week features a two month old brown and white beagel mix named Jenny.

This quite pup is good for any family, has been around other pets and has a little sister also.

Thinking about adopting the beautiful beagel? Make sure to protect her and your other pets from the critters that  can eat them alive, literally.

Fleas and ticks are tiny insects that cause your pet extreme discomfort by feeding on their blood. Going untreated, they can cause long term medical problems such as tapeworms, anemia, and skin or organ infections.

However, medication misuse can also pose a danger. Every year cases of dogs and cats poisoned by the misuse of flea and tick products appear in the three Michigan Humane Society veterinary centers.

To help keep your pet the safest, consult a veterinarian first for a prescription.

Also, beware of flea collars, fleas can find a home on plenty of others places on your pet.

For more information on flea protection or pet adoption, contact the Michigan Humane Society at 313-872-3400 or visit the official website .

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