I recently took my dog, Daisy, to the vets for her heartworm pills. After her checkup, which included 1 Cytology/Mass and 1 Liptospira vaccine plus one heartworm test and the pills, my bill came to $198.25.

Plus, she has a small growth that needs to be removed that is the size of the tip of my pinkie that can be removed at the cost of $318.96; to have the growth analyzed, $474.03.

Obamacare should had included the care of pets for how much veterinarians are asking for their routine checkup visits. Hard times or not, it costs money to care for a dog or a cat. And don’t get me started on the cost of food.

Believe me, animal care has become a big moneymaking industry. From the veterinary to the food industry and the city for their yearly license, it’s no wonders why there are so many stray dogs and cats let loose in cities.

Douglas Webber