The ASPCA grant challenge begins August 1. Cobb County Animal Control (CCAC) shelter won a spot to compete against 49 other U.S. shelters for a part of the $300,000 grant money being offered by the ASPCA. The top prize is $100,000 with the remaining $200,000 divided up into $5,000 and $25,000 grants. 

The challengers must adopt out 300 more animals over the three month challenge period (Aug 1 – Oct 31) than were adopted out last year during that same three month period. The ASPCA purpose for this challenge is to get communities involved in their local shelters, and with more community involvement, adoptions will increase and more lives will be saved.

Preparation for three adoption event days has been in the planning by the ASPCA grant challenge committee (of which I am a member). The first event date is set for Saturday, August 6. Special prices will be set for adoptions on these days. There will be vendors, raffles, food, and lots of animals to choose from.

We’re working to get celebrities lined up (if you are a celebrity, or know a celebrity that would like come and help us out, please contact me ASAP – via email the author). I am trying to contact former Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox – only I don’t know how to reach him. I understand he is an animal lover and hope that he might make an appearance on behalf of all these wonderful animals.  

Speaking of wonderful animals, featured this week are animals named after the famous and the infamous: actors Farrah Fawcett, Greta Garbo, Buster Keaton, Ozzie Nelson, and actor/model Brody Jenner (son of Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner); guitarist Jeff Baxter of the Doobie Brothers; pioneer American female writer Nellie Bly; and Midnight rambler (the Rolling Stones sang about this infamous kitty’s black coat)…

Farrah Fawcett has the most beautiful flowing, wispy fur and bushy tail. Her coloring is striking and her markings flawless. When I went to take her picture, she posed and stayed there until I had taken all I needed. Farrah is affectionate and rolls over to show you how cute she is. Only 8 months old and already a beauty, Farrah has been at the shelter since June 4. She has been fully vetted and was negative with all her tests. Come adopt this angel. ID No. 531604.  

Greta, although named for Garbo, unlike Greta Garbo, this little girl doesn’t “vant to be alone.” She was found abandoned in a complex and brought in the day I was there. She will be up for adoption soon, so call and put your name on the list for this little cutie. ID No. 532871.

Buster was named for Buster Keaton; you can see the resemblance in his sad endearing face. Like Keaton, this Buster is a hoot – full of personality and spunk. Left at the shelter on May 14 when his family moved away, Buster eagerly awaits a new home. He is 6 years old, fully vetted, heartworm negative, good with kids and good with other animals. ID No. 530711.

Nelson, as in Ozzie Nelson, is a real family guy. He likes to be held. He likes to hang out. And, he likes to play. At 3 months old, this tailless young fellow displays all the makings of a great disposition. He goes up for adoption on July 9. Jeepers, Harriett, wouldn’t it be grand if he got a new home on the very first day? Why, that would fit right in to an Ozzie and Harriett episode. ID No. 532779.

Brody, a babe like his namesake Brody Jenner, was left at the shelter by his owners on May 17. He’s only 5 months old and is listed as a Shar-pei mix – the shelter attendant thought he might have part Ridgeback in him too. All I know is that he is a real sweet dog that needs someone to love. ID No. 530775.

Baxter has orange and white long fur like former guitarist Jeff Baxter of the Doobie Brothers. He also has the intelligence and savvy of the Jeff Baxter of today (Congressional Advisory Board member and missile defense consultant). Baxter, the cat, is in his prime at 4 years old. He is such a sweet boy. He came in to the shelter on May 4 and is getting pretty lonely. I carried him around the cat room this week. He purred and enjoyed the attention. He did not have a problem with the other cats so I would venture to say he will do fine with other cats in the household. Give this guy a chance…you won’t be disappointed. ID No. 530371.

Like the pioneer investigative reporter Nellie Bly who faked insanity to infiltrate a women’s mental institution and uncover abuse, Nellie, the cat is also confined but not by her own doings. She was turned in by her owner around Memorial Day and has been waiting for someone to discover her ever since. She adores being held, loves to play, and welcomes all that come to visit her. She is a gentle soul locked in a steel cage. ID No. 531381.

Talk about the Midnight rambler…he’s gorgeous! There’s nothing scary about this beautiful guy. His coat color is amazing. His personality is anything but dark. Midnight doesn’t mind being held and loves to be talked to and acknowledged. His front paws have been declawed so he will need protection from other animals until relationships have been established. Take him home and you’ll be singing his song forever. ID No. 531689.

By the way, if you don’t have room in your home, but could keep a cat at your business, there is a new program at the shelter that provides cats to business owners – Cobb Company Cats. Contact me if interested.

Urgent: this week the shelter is in dire need of canned kitten food (pate style). Many of the kittens are too young to be eating dry kibbles or chunky wet food. The vet tech has sent out a special request asking for donations. If you can donate canned (pate style) kitten food, please drop it off at the front desk inside.

Kuranda beds can be purchased and donated allowing every dog and cat to have its own bed to sleep on. You can order them online at

All donations to the shelter are tax deductable.

Animals at the shelter have only two ways out – adoption or death. Please help save a life. 

For more animals available for adoption at the Cobb County Animal Control shelter check out these sites:

Be sure to check out my blog: A cat in a dog’s world

More info on the SPCA challenge can be found on the shelter FB page:

Vet Tip of the Week 

Feline heartworm disease, transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, is treatable in dogs but is fatal in cats. Keeping kitty indoors will not protect it. The only sure protection is with a 30-day heartworm preventative obtained through your veterinarian.  

Symptoms include:

  • chronic respiratory disease (similar to asthma)
  • heart disease
  • sudden death 

Keep your feline friend protected from this deadly parasite. Talk to your veterinarian about feline heartworm prevention today.

Dr. Lori Germon is a veterinarian at Chastain Animal Clinic in Smyrna. You can find information on pet introduction and other pet topics at their website. You can also find them on Facebook.