Pet odors have an insidious way of permeating one’s home, often without the pet owner quite realizing the extent or intensity of the odor as they become acclimated to the smell of their pets. There are several key strategies for neutralizing pet odors. Cleaning is the firstapproach.

Particularly if your pet sheds, you will need to vacuum more
often than once a week, and if you have carpets, using a natural vacuum-away
odor-removing powder should become a weekly tactic. For more intense animal odors there are additional tools to use.

HEPA filters and ion generators are great tools for the owner in the battle against unwanted animal odors. HEPA filters draw in air from the environment around them and filter out particulate matter and a good many odors. Make sure to invest in a high quality filter.

Since HEPA filters can be a bit loud, and often tend to cool a room, many people choose to utilize ion generators. Ion generators actually create a zone of negatively charged particles that adhere to dust, dirt, and even odors, thus neutralizing them and removing them from the air. The area around the generator often requires a good vacuuming or wiping once a week to clean up the neutralized particles which fall to the floor around the generator.

Both devices are excellent accompaniments to a good strong cleaning and vacuuming regimen, and will result in clean homes that are also clean smelling.