EUGENE, Ore. – How many dogs should you be allowed to own – and when should the City Council step in?

At issue: an idea brought forth to limit Eugene residents to two pooches per household instead of three.

Councilor George Poling brought the issue forward after an incident in his ward.

Eugene City Code currently allows three adult dogs per household, with an option for a fourth for up to six months in any 12-month period.

The City of Springfield allows up to three dogs per residential property. Lane County’s limit is eight dogs.

The Council was cool on taking any action.

“It sounds more like a behavior issue and a recalcitrant owner to deal with the issue,” Councilor Alan Zelenka said.

“In general, staff has found that the complaints about dogs focus more about the dog behavior than really about the number,” said Katharine Kappa, a city analyst.

“Perhaps a more fruitful conversation would be around enforcement of nuisance with regard to dogs,” said Councilor Chris Pryor.

Most dog owners KVAL News talked to were glad this plan didn’t make it to first base.

“I think it would be sad if they limited it more,” said Jamie Stroud. “Dogs are an important part of a household.”

John Peterson favored the idea.

“Seems like a smart plan to me,” he said. “I think most people have their hands full with one dog.”