Some of the MORE common signs include:

General ‘slowing ‘ down

Reluctance to walk, climb stairs, jump, or play

unwilling to jump up

Limping or obvious lameness, especially after excercise

Difficulty getting up after laying down- this is especially obvious first thing in the morning.

Yelping in pain when certain joints are touched

A diagnosis

If you suspect this, by all means have your veterinarian examine your dog or cat. They can at least give you a tentative diagnosis. From there you can discuss the treatment options. You DON’T need to accept the conventional meds IF they are prescribed.

Conventional Medications

Your veterinarian may suggest the use of Acetominophen or Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatories

Acetominophen ONLY relieves pain – it is not an anti-inflammatory.

Acetominophen ( ie Tylenol) is TOXIC to cats ( never use this in cats), and IF the dose is too high it can damage your pet’s liver.

Some of the common NSAIDS include oved the counter Aspirin, plus prescription meds such as Metacam and Rimadyl. They can be effective pain relievers, as well as providing joint relief by lowering swelling.

Never use of the over the counter meds on cats.

AVOID Ibuprofen- it carries a very high risk of side effects in dogs.

The NSAIDs though being effective, have a host of side effects- especially being used long term.

Most common include vomiting/diarrhea, but also gastric ulcers, liver disease, kidney disease, and in rare cases death.


There are a number of supplements that have been advocated for arthritis.

The most common ones include Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and the Essential Fatty Acids, be it in the form of Flax oil or Fish oil.

Antioxidants in the forms of Vitamin E and Selenium may help in protecting the damaged joints.

Colostrum has shown to be beneficial to human athletes- it may ne beneficial to your pet.

There are a NUMBER of arthritis supplements- just ensure that your supplement contains most of these ingredients.

As well make sure that the ingredients are in HIGH enough doses to be effective, and in the RIGHT form to be absorbed. An example of this is Glucosamine. The sulphate form is most common ( and often less costly), but the hydrochloride form is better absorbed.

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