I have sporadically sent out my newsletter the last week or so as I have been enjoying summer ( although it almost feels like winter) vacation..

We visited my mom, my brother Ian and his family in Lewis Creek, camped in Shuswap with my brother Michael ( super computer dude), and his family, finally concluding with a hiking trip still with snow in the mountains to a cabin near Nelson.

Lewis, Jessie, and Michaels dog Kane enjoyed camping, but especially protecting the campsite against those ever persistent predators…squirrels.

The cousins all played great, biking around like maniacs in the rain- it’s the ‘grown ups’ that whined about the weather.

Dogs/Kids/Adults all swam in spite of the cold..here’s hoping for some warmer weather- although much of North America is in a heat wave, it’s hard to imagine.

Animal Connection

On vacation I finished a book which referenced this:

According to a new theory, it could be our unique ability to connect with and care for animals. Our connection to animals may have been so transformative that it led us to develop skills like language and domestication that ultimately enabled our planet-wide success.

The point here being that we as people have this long standing connection with animals.

And because of that, we are SO drawn to pets- our domestic animals.

In this crazy world of texting ( which I yet know how to do), computers, email, i things – technology everywhere, it’s more important than ever to be grounded with something real.

That’s part of what our pets do for us.

They are real, meaningful, and in a big way give meaning to our lives.

I am grateful there a big part of my life !

P.S. I getting back to this connection with our pets, there is also this ‘getting back’ to naturally caring for our pets.

With things like home remedies.

OR acupressure.

This best way to start ( in my opinion), is here: