Most pet owners are aware of drug side effects in certain pets, yet many are not aware that certain breeds have a high likelhood of problems with specific drugs.

The most common being Collies and collie crosses, which can have serious reactions to drugs such as ivermectin and loperamide (Imodium).

The breeds though vary, and the drugs themselves our more than just two.

Research at the Washington State Veterinary College has revealed that these dogs have a different gene-a mutation in the multi-drug resistance gene (MDR1).

This gene is responsible for pumping many drugs and other toxins out of the brain.

The dogs with this gene are unable to remove certain drugs from the brain, and this results in neurologic signs.

The main point here is that this can be very serious, but it is avoidable if you are aware that your dog may have this gene.

Approximately three of every four Collies in the United States have the mutant MDR1 gene.

P.S. My advice is that if your dog is one of the higher risk breeds, you should be having him/her tested. There are a number of drugs that can cause problems, and I suspect that many veterinarians are not aware of these- it is up to you to be aware and inform them.

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