It seems that veterinary charges are making news lately.

In a recent AP-Petside poll, Vet visits cost pet owners an average of $505 dollars last year. The pet owners with serious illnesses spent more than $1,000.

Fortunately, most pet owners trust that vets are not suggesting unnecessary treatments, and the bulk of pet owners faced costs below the average.

Veterinary care is expensive.

I used to own a veterinary practice, and the costs are being properly equipped and adequately staffed are substantial.

The new equipment and diagnostics, such as Digital Radiography, can do wonderful things, but they are very expensive- a quality Digital Xray can cost upwards of $100,000…

Staff expect raises.

Overhead rises and so do costs.

Marketing consultants encourage vets to increase profitability by charging more, and doing more per client.

Meaning recommending MORE things, such as diagnostics and dental scale and polish.

You can see HOW costs are going up.

I strongly encourage you to have a good relationship with a smaller local veterinarian, and ASK many questions.

Such as is this necessary?

Are there ANY other options?

Can I use something holistic?

P.S. Be MORE involved with your pet’s health.

Ideally you should be PREVENTING diseases in the first place.

And using holistic options when possible.

Ideally you are giving your dog or cat something daily to help support their body systems.