Park or beach etiquette for dogs is the same as it is everywhere other people, and/or other dogs, may be encountered. Proper dog etiquette is a vital part of maintaining community trust, and thus the legal right to have pet dogs out in public. The accepted guidelines of dog etiquette are simple to learn and institute with your pet.

Clean up after your dog. When you take the dog out, bring along a scoop and bags to gather up canine droppings. Always obey leash laws; in fact, always keep your dog on a leash when outside your home or yard, except for when you specifically set it aside such as at a leash-free dog park or beach. The wise pet owner is sure to have their dog trained to verbal commands and hand signals, and that must be the case if you are taking your pet out in public. It is your responsibility to have complete control over your dog. This may save your pet’s life.

Some people have severe allergies to dogs, intense fears due to traumatic experiences involving dogs, and some may simply be caught off guard or not want a dog’s dirty paws on their clean clothes. It is the pet owner’s job to keep their dog away from others until the animal is welcomed and greeted. Leave toys at home and opt for small treats and sticks when playing in public as favorite toys can easily excite a dog’s territorial nature, possibly with undesired results. Know your dog’s limit for public time and take them home before they become overtired or overexcited.