When it comes to toys for your pets, you want to make sure that you’re getting them good toys. But what does that mean? A good toy is one that your pet will actually enjoy playing with, for one. It is also a toy that is safe for them- unlikely to break in a way that is potentially dangerous, and one that won’t be toxic to ingest, should they chew on it excessively or somehow manage to actually consume it. A good toy is also one that is
made out of environmentally responsible materials. Fortunately, as more and more people gain awareness and the “green” movement grows, it is becoming easier and easier to find these toys.

What should you look for? Natural fiber toys- such as rope made from hemp or cotton, rather than petroleum-based synthetics. Obviously, anytime you can purchase something made with organic materials you are supporting an industry that is protecting the earth and putting less toxins into products and the environment alike. When it comes to plastics, look for post-consumer recycled plastics. Many a squeaky toy is now made with post-consumer recycled soda bottles and the like.

Another way to look at things is to look at where the toy was made and how it is packaged. Locally produced toys- or at least those produced in the same country- are valuable in keeping your local economy alive and reducing the amount of environmental damage caused by shipping. The less packaging on a toy, the fewer the resources wasted.