Most people, when they want to adopt a new family member of the feline kind may opt for an older, more mature cat for many reasons. Kittens, although cute, can be quite a handful for most families or individuals. Kittens have an unbelievable reserve of crazy energy coupled with remarkably little common sense. Until they learn their boundaries from either constant discipline or positive reinforcement they can get into plenty of trouble as they climb curtains, climb and claw furniture, and break a few possessions along the way to maturity.

Older cats have generally matured to
a quieter and more loving version of their younger selves and so need less supervision. Most are already used to household life and know the ground rules of living with people. They usually don’t have to get into mischief when their family is away to relieve boredom, instead they are more likely to doze, leaving your furnishings intact. Other pluses are that an adult cat adopted from a shelter will most likely be house trained and will probably already be spayed or neutered and have up to date vaccinations.

Most new caretakers of an adult cat find caring for them is a very rewarding experience and in turn, an older cat will enjoy the love and security that a caring cat owner can provide. Cats are also longer-living than most other domestic pets and this longevity means that there is no shortage of adult and older cats needing homes. They also age gracefully and, with a little understanding and care, there is plenty of loving and loyal life for them and you.