Even dogs with healthy fur may require treatment for dry skin problems. A dog’s fur and skin is in constant contact with the elements of the world around them, and these elements can dry out and create problems within your dog’s skin. To treat a dog with dry skin, simply add a coat supplement to their diet.

Your dog’s skin emits oils that are naturally spread throughout their coat, giving it a healthy, shiny appearance. However, if your dog has a long fur coat, loves to swim (or frequently plays in water), or is prone to dry, flaky skin, the oils emitted by the body are insufficient. Adding a coat supplement to your dog’s regular diet is one treatment for your dog’s dry skin problems.

Coat supplements for dogs, especially Fish Oil or Omega Fatty Acids, help moisturize the skin. These Coat Supplements treat shedding, dander and itching, improve your dog’s skin problems and appearance, prevent skin disorders and allergic reactions, and even improve the vascular system.

Coat supplements for dogs are helpful for dogs with dry skin problems, and can get dogs feeling great both on the inside and outside. Treating a dog with dry skin requires adding Fish Oil or Omega Fatty Acids to his diet.