While there is no 100% arthritis cure for my dog, there are certain steps I can take to ensure that my dog does not get sidelined by arthritis.

  1. Talk to your vet-You know your pet better than anyone and it is important that you can express your concerns to your vet. Be sure to explain all of the signs and syptoms you are concerned about during your exam.
  2. Be informed about and discuss treatment options-Depending on the type and severity of your dogs arthritis, there may be few or many treatment options. Be sure to discuss your dogs activity level and lifestyle when deciding on these options.
  3. Know your nutrition– Like people, a dog is only as healthy as the food he/she eats. Check the nutritional lables on your dogs food. Most dog foods contain extremely hgh amounts of grains and carbohydrates, which can actually aggervate the swelling caused by arthritis. Ask your vet about other feeding options.
  4. Know your supplements– Discuss adding dietary supplements to your dogs daily health care routine. Supplements such as Glucosamine / Vitamin C for the early signs of dog arthritis or Glucosamine / Chondroitin / MSM for more advanced stages of joint disorders. These supplements can benefit dogs with arthritis because they provide natural nutrients that support joint function and connective tissue.
  5. Understand your pain relief options– Using a vet formulated buffered aspirin may help to temporarily relieve the pain and discomfort associate with arthritis. Be sure to talk with your vet about this option and never give your dog human aspirin. Always consult your vet about administering any canine aspirin for proper dosing instruction.

Dogs living with arthritis can still enjoy health, active lives. Utilizing supplements, buffered aspirin and talking to your vet are three very important steps in making sure your dogs quality of life remains unchanged.