I am constantly amazed at the stories that are sent to me, with respect to some of the issues with conventional medicine.

One concerned pet owner recently wrote:

“Dear Dr Jones,

Veterinary Secrets Revealed

Thank You for publishing such an informative newsletter – I just
wish that I had your book and newsletter earlier.

May cat Beauty had allergies. She was chewing at her back end,
losing hair and causing scabs. I was concerned so I visited my vet.
She decided that it was an allergy and suggested treating with a
long acting steroid injection.

The steroid injection stopped the itching, but caused a serious
side effect.

She now has Diabetes.

She is on daily insulin injections.

I am writing this letter to warn others about the dangers of
steroids – avoid them AT ALL COSTS. I have purchased your book, and
I am finding some of the alternate suggestions for treating
Diabetes and Allergies very helpful.


Marg Williams,
San Francisco.”

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No one knows everything there is to know about keeping your pet
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… do everything for your pet’s health.

We as Veterinarians don’t know everything there is to know, as much as
we’d like to. And just like in any medical field, sometimes we are
even wrong.

Sometimes the “safe” medication has a side effect, such as with the
case of Marg’s cat.

You know your pet best! You can take charge of your pet’s health today.

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Thank You for writing Marg.

Thank You all for being loyal readers and the many of you who have
purchased my book and my course.

When comparing conventional and alternative medicine, consider
how most animals in the world are treated – it’s with natural medicine.

Most people in India or China can’t afford to even see a vet or buy
medication. They use herbs, acupressure, massage, supplements,
homeopathic treatments.

The animals get better, because the treatments work.

I have seen thousands of pets recover with home remedies.

So take charge of your pet’s health – it may be the best
decision you could make for your pet.

Heal Your Pets At Home!

Best Wishes

Dr Andrew Jones

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