What are subluxations?

These are veterbrae ( or bones of the spine), which are out of position in relation to one another or are not moving correctly. This causes abnormal function and symptoms, by affecting nerve function.

Symptoms of Subluxations:

The MOST common symptom of subluxation in your dog or cat is signs of pain. Your pet may change his posture, walk abnormally, have reluctance to get up.

Signs of Pain that may indicate a Subluxation:

Panting, pacing, vocalization, unwilling to jump up, difficulty rising, elevated heart rate, elevated respiratory rate ( breathing faster), general depression, reluctance to eat or eating less, tail tucked between legs, may be obvious lameness/limping, pain on palpation of lower back/spine, general changes in behavior,

If your pet is in pain, do something to help them. See your veterinarian, and consider some of the many options in my Inner Circle, such as Chiropractic.