Thanks for the Helpful suggestions about my cat urine problem. 🙂

It appears that I am not alone, and may of you have dealt with urine where it shouldn’t be.

That alone is good to know…

I have non-pet owning acquaintances who suggest:

‘ Get rid of the cats’


Not going to happen.

This was sent in by a subscriber, and I am going to try it on the liner of the cushion

( Thank You Chris of!)

Odor Neutralizer Recipe

Recipe for odor neutralizer (may lighten fabric so test a spot first)

1 cup hydrogen peroxide
1 tsp baking soda
1 quick squirt liquid dish soap
Mix using wooden (not metal spoon). Saturate on carpet/fabric and let air dr

P.S. Glucosamine is being increasingly used for Urinary Tract inflammation, and infections.

Especially helpful in cats with Idiopathic cystitis.

My one older cat Cleo hasn’t been on my supplement for a while ( I ran out and failed to re-order…)

Both of the cats will be back on it SOON

Glucosamine in proper levels is in my Ultimate Feline, and Ultimate Canine Health Formula

IF you have a dog/cat urine related ‘problem’, you should really consider trying it.


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Best Wishes,
Dr Andrew Jones