A bearded dragon is one of the most popular of the larger lizard species due to the fact that they are easier to care for than some of their more aggressive relatives. However, like all exotic pets, if you are thinking about adopting one of these then you really need to do your homework and learn all you can about care, feeding, and any special needs they may require. In the case of these lizards, if you can’t justify feeding live mice to a hungry lizard you may want to think about another type of pet.

When you adopt an animal of any kind you need to commit yourself to them as much as possible for a lifetime of care. Bearded dragons live an average or seven or more years and can become quite attached to their caregivers.

Due to strict rules of international pet trading, most if not all bearded dragons are captive-bred locally or within the United States. Look for a reputable dealer or pet store and take note as to the condition of the cages and the store in general. These will be initial indications of whether your future pet has been properly taken care of and free of health problems stemming from nutrition or sanitation issues.

Your new bearded dragon is going to have to have a proper home too. So before you buy and take your new friend home, talk to the people you are acquiring the pet from to find out exactly what you are going to need to properly house and care for your new friend. At the very least they will need a clean glass aquarium or an enclosure that has smooth sides with a tight-fitting lid- wire cages are not recommended for bearded dragons. Next you will need a heat source or two since these creatures are cold blooded. The enclosure should include branches without pitch or moisture at least the width of your lizard, or ramps where they can lounge. Add in an ultra violet light source if sunlight won’t be available on a regular basis, a shallow water dish that won’t tip, and food. All of this should be ready before you take your bearded dragon home with you.