For some time, people have considered cats and babies to be mutually exclusive. The main reasons each have a valid basis, but have been stretched out of proportion by word of mouth and time. The fact is that simple tactics and precautions make cats perfectly safe in a baby’s home.

Toxoplasmosis – a big scary word – is a parasite found in soil that cats can transfer to humans, or that humans can come in direct contact with in the soil while gardening. Contact with their feces is the means of toxoplasmosis transfer from cats to humans. Wearing good disposable rubber gloves during, and washing hands after, contact with the litter box and accidents will protect the pregnant mom, though passing the chore to another is preferable.

Cats are slow to accept change. Experts recommend playing cds of baby sounds and making all changes to feline schedules, litter box location, furniture arrangements, etc., a couple months before baby arrives. Keep cats out of the baby room, and always be present when cat is near the baby so you can prevent direct contact for the first couple months. Never let a cat sleep with a baby or lick their face as those are prime ways for germ and parasite transfer and fur inhalation. Your cat may adapt to the new baby better by learning the baby’s scent. Give kitty your baby’s used blankets for the first couple months before actually exposing directly to your baby. This will all help kitty have patience while baby learns how to treat kitty!