The world of conventional drugs and how they become prescribed to you or your pets is filled with problems.

Unethical Medtronic

Let’s look at a large company called, Medtronic which had $15.9 billion in sales and $3.1 billion in profit last year.

It has a top selling product called ‘Infuse’ which is being marketed to promote bone growth after spinal fusion surgeries.

The company claimed:

Very safe

No adverse effects.

But in reality:

Spine Journal authors found that, although the 13 industry-funded reports (published by authors who collectively received millions from Medtronic) reported no adverse events associated with rhBMP-2, the actual rate of “frequent and occasionally catastrophic complications”of between “10 percent to 50 percent depending on approach.”

Senate Investigation

Two senators on Tuesday expanded an investigation of the medical device maker Medtronic, demanding that the company turn over records involving millions of dollars in payments to researchers and internal correspondence with doctors who had published its research on a controversial bone-growth product.

“Reports that doctors conducting medical trials while on Medtronic’s payroll may have hidden serious side effects for patients are deeply troubling,” Senator Baucus said in a statement. “We need to do everything we can to ensure companies aren’t concealing serious medical complications from patients just to increase profits,” he added

P.S. Based on these results, I would never use this drug myself. This does give you a glimmer as to what is happening in the large corporate world of Drug Companies.

Are they ALL unethical?

I hope not.

But can you see that when you are a MULTIBILLION dollar company with shareholders to please, it’s not in your interest to release all of the

negative findings from a trial?

I do

Yet these are the same companies funding university drug research.

Scary system.

Do your own research.

Ask questions.

Try some holistic options. Here is where you should go first for your dog or cat: