Foster guardians for pets provide similar services that foster parents do for children: providing them a safe and supportive temporary home until they are placed in a new home. If you’re looking to help animals who are newly recovered, rescued animals, homeless, or abused, consider opening your home — and your heart — to become a foster guardian for pets. Look for animal fostering groups in your area; as foster care is needed for nearly every domestic animal imaginable, from dogs, cats, and birds; to exotic pets, horses, and farm animals. Animals need your help, and providing animals in need with a loving and caring environment is one of the best things you can do. You can offer foster care even if you already have pets, assuming your pets get along with other animals.  Be prepared though, for the small expense of food, toys, and other items to make the animal’s transition into your home more comfortable. Like owning a pet, becoming a foster guardian to a pet in need is a big responsibility and not to be undertaken lightly, but the rewards are great.