Lets face it, cats like to eat a lot, or at least often. Who can blame them? But from time to time, you want to do more for your cat than the same old kitty food and tabby treats. Sure, you get the healthy ones, the ones the cat likes, but there are times when the regular menu needs a little spicing up, or your cat needs an extra boost of health improving nutrients.

That’s when you need a special treat: sashimi. That’s right. If you have a good sushi place nearby, hop down and order up a piece of sashimi (this is a cut of raw fish with no rice) for the cat, and maybe a nice roll or two of sushi for yourself. Salmon is particularly good for cats, as is tuna. If you like, and you’re good with a carving knife, you can go to the fish market and get your own fish to cut up for your kitty and you, although you may choose to cook yours as sushi grade. As an alternative, you can give some strips of raw or lightly cooked boneless chicken to your cat for a healthful snack.

Why just flesh and no veggies or grains? Naturally, cats are carnivores. There really is no place for anything other than meat and water in your cat’s diet. The occasional blade of grass is eaten to help them regurgitate, and the bit or two of catnip is fun for some mild euphoria. Both fish and chicken are rich in proteins, oils, minerals, and other nutrients cats needs to thrive.