There are many reasons for the increasingly common serious dog and cat diseases, but the biggest single factor is food. Nutrition is key to the health of our dogs.

The best way for you to understand this is by thinking about your own health.

Imagine shopping in a grocery store.

The inside aisles are cookies, chips, food in cans, in bags; food that lasts a long time, not needing refrigeration.

The outside aisles have fresh fruit, vegetables, milk, meat, bread; the healthier items.

If you are to eat a varied, balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables; those from the outside aisles, you are far MORE likely to be healthy and avoid disease.

If you primarily eat from the inside aisles, the pop, chips, cans and bags, you are far more likely to be sick.

Our dogs are NO different, yet MOST dogs are exclusively fed from the inside aisles; dry, unvaried, not nutritious kibble.

Feeding a natural, varied, healthy diet is one of, if not the single most important changes that you as a pet owner can make for the long term health of your pet.

Heal your pet at home!

Best Wishes,

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM

P.S. IF your dog is sick in ANY way, I encourage you to see what HOLISTIC options you can use IMMEDIATELY. They are HERE: