Many physicians, suggest people with heart problems can improve their health by getting a pet. Pets improve our health and our lives. But what about our pet’s heart condition? There are a few very common actions you can take to keep your pet’s heart healthy, and increase your pet’s life span.

Dogs require exercise. Much more so than many other types of pets. Not unlike humans, in most cases, that fifteen minute walk you take Fido on each morning is probably not enough to keep his heart healthy. Starting off with a ten to fifteen minute walk is sufficient if you’re not sure of your dog’s level of tolerance for exercise. However, you should continually build up until your dog is active for about one hour daily.

Walking and swimming are two great exercises for your dog. Both help to improve their cardiovascular system while building and toning muscle. For dogs with arthritis or weaker bones, swimming is the perfect alternative to walking because it is easy on their joints. This increased activity may cause pain in your dog’s joints, so you may want to begin giving them Glucosamine, which will reduce pain and inflammation and repair the joints.

Balanced Diet and Supplements
Some pet owners leave a bowl of food out all day, available for consumption whenever their pet wants to eat. Others have set up a specific feeding time for their pet. Either way, it is your responsibility to ensure that your pet is not overeating, or eating unhealthy foods.

Dogs require 38 nutrients in their daily diets, while cats require 40 nutrients. While most dog foods contain the required nutrients, some of these nutrients can often times be lost during processing of the food. To ensure that your pet is receiving all of the nutrients they need, supplement their food with a good multi vitamin and consider giving your dog fish oil or a supplement high in omega fatty acids.

Regular Hygiene
Hygiene for your pet includes dental care, bathing, and grooming. Dental care is important in keeping your pets teeth in good condition, and it helps avoid dental problems and diseases. One common dental disease is gum disease. Gum disease starts in the mouth from the buildup of plaque, but at the worst stages, it can also affect the liver and kidneys giving your dog’s internal system undue physical stress.

For pets that have allergies regular bathing will improve their overall health. Whether you pet is allergic to fleas (pets have a reaction to the fleas’ saliva), pollen, or dust, a bath can help remove these elements from your pet’s fur. With these allergens removed, your pet’s body is not straining to breathe and can perform it’s basic functions easier.

A good regimen of regular visits to your veterinarian, an active lifestyle for your dog and a healthy diet combined with nutritional supplements should give your pet a long and fruitful life.