For our last article in the series, “Heartworms – Why is My Vet’s Office Always Talking About Them?” we will discuss how you can buy medication to prevent your pet from ever having them. Heartworms can be easily prevented through monthly medication. This will keep your pet healthy and prevent potentially dangerous and costly treatments.

Every Heartworm medication does require a prescription from your veterinarian. This means your vet must have examined your pet within the last year to write you a prescription. Typically your vet will also need to do a yearly blood test to make sure your pet doesn’t already have them. Some medications are dangerous to give if your pet already has heartworms. There are multiple preventative medication options so you will want to discuss with your veterinarian which one they recommend. You can also discuss with them about using a generic product instead of a more expensive brand name product.

Once your vet’s office has advised you which product would be a good match for your pet, you can either purchase it directly through your veterinarian or ask for a prescription and buy it through an online pharmacy. Veterinarians are asked multiple times a day to write prescriptions because many people are watching their budget and find that they can save money when they buy the medication elsewhere.

If you use an online pharmacy for your pet’s medications then it is important you double check and make sure you are getting it from a legitimate US pharmacy that is fully licensed and registered. You also want to use a pharmacy that is willing to contact your vet’s office if there is any problem with the prescription. The pharmacy needs to have good communication with you and also your vet’s office to make sure the process is smooth and simple for everyone involved.