It seems that almost all pets have one thing in common: they want to explore the world around them. It’s not uncommon to hear pet owners talk about their four-legged Houdini jumping fences or digging under them and getting out. You might have invested some money in dog tags, but these can be a hazard to your pet – getting caught or tangled and possibly choking them. Dog tags also fall off fairly easily, and if your pet becomes lost, then likely it will be turned in as a stray. Without identification, there is no way to reconnect you with your beloved companion.

Microchip pet identification is used in cases where collars and ID tags have been lost.
Imbedding a microchip does not involve surgery as it is injected into a thickly padded area between the shoulder blades. A quick pinch is all your pet feels, and then it’s smooth sailing!

Microchips are easy to track. Each chip will have a unique number, readable by a hand held scanner. The microchip company is then called and the number is given to the operator. The operator will look in their database for the owner’s information, so that you can be alerted as to your pet’s location.

Microchips are affordable too! The insertion cost varies by practitioner, with the average cost being $45. The microchip number then needs to be registered with the microchip company, which shouldn’t cost more than $25. To get a more accurate estimate, contact your veterinarian.