The animal rights group PETA is often in the news with flashy billboards, naked celebrities, and pretty dramatic claims.

But now there are documented reports that PETA kills most of the animals in their care. A group called, ‘PETA Kills Animals’ cites figures self-reported by the animal charity showing since 1998 it euthanized more than 25,000 pets; nearly 86% of the animals in their so called ‘shelter’.

In 2010, PETA managed to place only 44 of the 2,345 pets which were in their care. By comparison, a close by Virginia Beach SPCA has a tiny budget, yet it adopted MOST of the animals in their care.

PETA’s 2010 revenues were more than $35 million — With that you would think they would keep most of the animals in their care alive.

P.S. The basic principle of living with integrity is to ‘practice what you preach’.

Clearly PETA doesn’t abide by that life rule.

My suggestion is to not support this organization. Your time and dollars are much better spent on a local animal shelter, which is giving animals a second chance, and placing them in forever, loving homes.

P.P.S. Of course there are times when the ‘live with integrity’ principle can get you into hot water… I could still be practicing if I had learned to compromise some beliefs.

But in the long run it’s always better to do what you believe is true.